Why you need a "Me Day" yoga retreat


Stress is becoming the new norm

The scientific evidence is clear.  Life is becoming more stressful and chronic diseases caused by stress like anxiety, depression, obesity, cancer, MS, chronic fatigue are on the rise. 

If you struggle to get enough sleep, feel cranky, exhausted, running on empty and crave some respite, often reaching for coffee, sugar and/or the odd glass or two of vino to get you through, then these are all signs of unsustainable imbalance.

Neuroscience has discovered that the primal part of our brain is constantly on high alert, as if we were under attack by a predator.  

The difference between then (the stone age) and now is that these "threats" continue daily in the modern age and there's no respite to calm and reset; instead we just move on to the next dopamine hit.

Women in particular are still managing the majority of responsibilities in the home, as well as pursuing meaningful careers, managing relationships and household duties with a focus on efficiency and performance. 

We are losing connection with our natural decompression systems for stress relief; feeling overwhelmed, impatient and critical AND THEN feeling guilty and ashamed for feeling that way.


Our Mission statement is this:

At Just One Day, our mission is to provide a safe space for the day, in which we soothe, nourish and bloom.

At Just One Day, our mission is build awareness of how the mind perpetuates stress and what we can do about it.

At Just One Day, our mission is to facilitate embodied practices that reconnect with the intelligence of both the physical and emotional body, to change our relationship with anxiety, guilt, comparison, overwhelm, fear and not feeling good enough.  

At Just One Day, our mission is to empower participants with knowledge of what improves communication and relationship dynamics, such that boundaries can be held with confidence and heart.

At Just One Day, our mission is to have fun, laugh, giggle and not take ourselves too seriously.

By taking a day for you, you are investing in your own health and wellbeing, so you can support everyone else with theirs.

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What participants say...

Katie B


"I loved that the retreat allowed me time to reconnect with my mind and body - it was food for my soul.  

Tania has the most loving, accepting, kind and generous nature.  

Her voice envelopes you like a warm hug."

Sonelina P


"I liked that we did so many different activities at the retreat and yet nothing felt hurried or time-bound.  Every activity seemed to flow smoothly ito the next.  The food, the venue, the fellow participants, the nature were all part of a contemplative process that made me feel good to be me."

Jackie L


"The yoga and the food - just a pleasure.  

The group work is probably the thing that will stay longest from the day.  

Tania is a great facilitator and communicator, the pace was just right & the space felt safe.

I recommend this to anybody interested in developing self awareness and in need of some time to reset."

Keep me updated...

I know you are busy and that's why we offer these retreats in one complete day. You may be dreaming to getting to a yoga retreat Register to get our updates, so we can share the love and keep you updated, but with everything that's going on, its just not achievable, but one day is.