What to Expect at Your One Day Retreat

Time in Nature


Expect to reconnect with your true nature...

Our retreats are held in the best retreat center the earth has to offer - the outdoors. Brain activity slows when we are under the tree canopy with the sounds of birds and the smell of the forest floor fills our senses.

Time in nature is an integral part of our one day retreat because of its calming and replenishing benefits.



Expect to relieve both physical, mental & emotional tension with a yoga practice suitable for all levels and abilities.

The word yoga means to bring together

we will focus the mind and move the body  to create a deeper sense of 

being alive and at peace.

There's no dogma, no religion, no weird pretzel positions.  We wobble, we laugh, we recenter, we balance, we find our edge.

Each retreat will have one or two sessions of yoga between 30 and 60 mins.



 Expect to focus the mind so your awareness grows and your nervous system calms. 

Put simply you can expect to turn 

your cranky to calm.

Awareness reveals many subconscious thoughts that can explain why we sometimes act a bit crazy and ask ourselves

"what the *%#! is going on with me?"

Participants experience a variety of feelings , including gratitude, calm, clarity, centred, connected and peaceful.

Delicious vegetarian food


Expect to be nourished by delicious, colourful, fresh and seasonal whole fruits and vegetables that will have you feeling energised and light. 

The best part is you dont have to cook, shop or do the dishes, just sit back and enjoy.

Some retreats include an interactive cooking session with tips and inspirations to take home with you.

All foods are ethically and locally sourced, organic where possible and gluten, sugar, preservatives and refined/processed 

food  free. 

Group work


Expect to take part in a group exercise, relating to the theme of the retreat.  

Most women enjoy these practices the most because it gives them a feeling of friendship and understanding with other women there on the day.  

This kinship comes from sharing & being heard in a non-competitive & inclusive space.  

All practices are respectful and safe, allowing you to share your own experiences and lighten the load.

What participants have said...

Karen T


"Coming together in a non-judgemental, nurturing environment with a group of like minded women and having the opportunity to leave my stresses behind and focus on myself, was what I enjoyed most about the day. 

 Tania is articulate, clear and centred, her passion radiates through"

Fiona H


"Wonderfully paced to allow movement, meditation, connection and time to integrate and simple 'be'.

Tania's heartfelt, peaceful and nourishing guidance and presence throughout the day is truly engaging, warm and uplifting.

She is respectful and embodies all that she teaches"

Olivia T


"This day was perfect timing for me to step back and refuel, transporting my mind, body & soul into the 'now', something that's almost impossible to achieve at home.  

I loved the yoga as I'm a runner and it helped me get in the zone.  

I loved the clean food. 

There were many simple techniques and practices I will take home with me."

Expect to receive special offers & more...

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