About Me


My name is Tania Burgess, I have two daughters and a fur baby, Holly.

I love travel; discovering new places, new foods and new people; exploring nature and yoga.  I adore cooking with fresh ingredients from the garden or the market.

 I'm quite the nerd when it comes to anatomy, psychology & philosophy for how to live a full, happy & healthy life.

I discovered yoga in my 20's and returned to it after my children were born and I was diagnosed with depression, anxiety & PTSD.

Over 12 years of studying and teaching yoga, meditation, nutrition, coaching and various other healing modalities has helped me to understand the human condition and what it means to be real and find peace.  

As a Mother, a teacher, a coach and a modern day mystic, I guide women who are also searching for more at ease, meaning     & contentment.

These one day retreats are the perfect way to bring together the best therapies I have discovered and share them with you.

About You


You are a capable woman juggling the works, kids, career and complex family relationships...

Whilst everyone looks to you because you seem to have a handle on it, inside you are craving some space.  

You may feel overwhelmed, irritable and impatience at times.

You'd like to get more sleep and worry less..

You are so busy taking care of everyone else, that you often forget yourself, soldiering one. 

Yet from time to time you feel 

resentful and numb.

You are in good health, but you know you could be eating better, feeling better and enjoying more energy.

You are good at ensuring things are done properly, but sometimes it seems like nothing is ever good enough. 

You'd like to break free, 

taking a day for yourself without feeling guilty, ashamed or worried about the consequences.

About Us


As educated women we have perfected the art of organising, problem solving and managing the demands of home, work & family.  Some of us are overly  controlling and insensitive in the face of getting through it all.  Some of us feel overwhelmed and exhausted by the relentlessness.

There's a yearning, for something more, something deeper; more authentic; a feeling of belonging and connection that's been lost in the face of all this efficiency.

There's a nagging feeling that something is missing and we crave flow and ease, that doesn't come when we measure and analyse the success of our lives compared to others.

Together, we reconnect with our birthright, 

to feel connected to ourselves, each other and our true purpose. 

Together we unwinde, stretch, breathe, wobble, let go, laugh, talk, listen, connect, reflect, get real about what we can and can't control, discover our wisdom and find our peace with it all.

Each of the elements of your one day retreat  facilitate this journey, so you can return home at peace with who you are and 

this life you have to live.

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